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  • Premium Blend v700™ Walls & Ceilings

  • Premium Blend v700™ Wood & Metal

  • Blend v500™ Wood & Metal

  • Blend v500™ Walls & Ceilings

  • Wood Varnish

  • Blend v500™ Kitchen & Bathroom

  • Primer & Undercoat

  • Garden Colours

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  • Wood & Metal Trim

  • Primer & Undercoat

  • Spray Paints

  • Trade Paint

  • The Bookcase

  • Pastels Inspired by Pantone

  • POP Inspired by Pantone

  • Cosmetic Colour

  • Out of this World

  • Blend V300™

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  • Spray paint

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    Spray paint

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Blend v500™ Kitchen & Bathroom


A mould resistant and scrubbable emulsion for a long lasting finish in the colours that you love.

Valspar® Blend v500™ Kitchen & Bathroom is a mould resistant emulsion containing preservatives that control the film’s deterioration by mould and mildew. Scrubbability and resistance to common household stains. Easy to clean and maintain, Blend V500™ can endure the scuffs and knocks of daily living without compromising your colour or finish, keeping the walls and ceilings in your kitchen and bathroom looking great for longer.

Available in 2.5L

Soft Sheen


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